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Healing Artist

Non-Profit Leader
Medicine Woman





United States
New York

A social entrepreneur with a multi-generational lineage in natural health. Writer, artist, metaphysician, charity founder. Channel. Offering proof of concept with outcome data for symptom relief & enhanced quality of life in breast cancer. Luana is articulating the miraculous. Her gifts transform in magical ways.

As a metaphysician & advocate for social justice, Luana leverages her decades of experience in business & integrative medicine with the spiritual philosophy meant to transform our systemHer charitable model has provided leadership needed to mobilize our world from treatment of disease to prevention of it.

By exploring philosophy to study the fundamental nature of reality. We can transmute ideas such as identity & self-concept, space & time, causality & expression of limitless possibility. Asking in earnest, we can seek to understand the nature of consciousness & the relationship between mind & matter, between substance & object to magnetize specific potential. There is a place where we create in timeless, boundless expansion. Let's go there.


'Whole-care' approach is key to sustaining health & thriving. These methods have illuminating quantum ideals. You are here. You never left.

As a writer, musician & artist Luana utilizes imagery with sounds as a frequency key to alchemizing matter. Tapping into the energy around us, we emit healthful energy flow, releasing impediments to 'flow' states. With intuitive coaching you are guided in health, wealth & wisdom as a curated, interconnected ongoing practice.


Her diverse background gives business + healing expertise to those excited to change the world with enhanced generated frequencies & systemic upgrades. Investors can see her patented app & invest in patented technology that provides users safer interactions in our communities.


So it is we expand fearlessly, into new multi-dimensional Renaissance.



Sound / Energy Alchemy

A technique to guide you to the most expansive self concept.

Proceeds Benefit You Can Thrive! to offer free holistic care to those most in need.



Luana is an experienced and knowledgeable holistic health influencer and public speaker...



I met Luana at a time in my life where I was physically, emotionally and spiritually depleted. I had tried to get “sober” many times before. In some ways I had been searching to heal from my addictions, my relationships and my way of thinking. I could not get out of my own way. I had tried many modalities of treatment, therapy, rehab, 12 step programs and psychiatrists. I felt as if I kept finding myself feeling sicker for over a decade. I am so grateful for Luana. I can’t recommend Luana’s services more. She has guided me and has helped me overcome my thoughts processes that kept me in same cycles. She coaches me where i can bring the work that she is doing into my daily life . I really can’t put into words what Luana has done. She is the real deal. My favorite gift to give anyone in my life is to put them in contact with Luana. If you are ready to be healed and to let go of what isn’t serving you anymore I know Luana can help you."

                                                                                                                   ~ Sarah M.

Luana DeAngelis is a Reiki Master who has amazing healing powers. I had 7 large and numerous smaller cancerous tumors in my leg due to a very aggressive high-grade spindle sarcoma.  During the first four months of being her client, an MRI showed that all the tumors have substantially decreased in size, and the surgeon who talked about amputating my entire leg thinks the tumors are now at least 90% dead.

The oncologist claims that my results are that of two in 100 patients; and that out of those two, I’m the “shining star”—getting amazing results.  I attribute much of these remarkable results to Luana’s healing work.   After one of my sessions with Luana my leg that had me shaking with pain felt totally normal.

Additionally, Luana is very knowledgable about all types of cancers, and is up on all the most recent scientific study results.  She is giving, caring, compassionate, and makes you feel right at home. I highly recommend her."


~Cheryl F

I had surgical Reiki with Luana during my mastectomy, lymph node bypass and reconstruction. I know that my body went through so much, but I didn’t need one pain pill during my recovery, either in the hospital or when I returned home. I can only attribute that to the Reiki, because after I had knee surgery I was in need of pain pills for months. Thanks so much!"

~Anonymous Client

I met Luana through volunteering at You Can Thrive! I’ve had the opportunity to work with her privately with several reiki / theta / intuitive sessions and found not only the actual sessions, but the residual affects (if you will) in between each session to be an amazing experience! Meaning, I observed visual, emotional, and physical changes in between each session. It was so powerful that when I reported the changes back to Luana, she was able to ground me and explain from a scientific perspective exactly what was happening as a result of her energy work. She has a keen ability to remove any inhibitions and clearly articulate expectations prior to undergoing each session which makes the experience most powerful. Her demeanor was professional throughout the entire process. She was intuitive to my emotions and spiritual well being which added to the effectiveness. Luana truly is altruistic with her gift!  

– Donna V.

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