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Surgical Reiki:


Luana is among a small number of Reiki practitioners that have experience working with hospitals & doctors in the operating room. It is essential that the experience of surgery be improved & enhanced through the presence of Reiki energy before, after & during open surgical procedures. The objective is to create enhanced healing with less post operative pain & complications.

Ask your surgeon if they would be willing to use Luana’s experience. Columbia Presbyterian Hospital Dr. Oz and Dr. Sheldon Feldman and some others are using this.

Creating an enhanced experience by bringing energetic connection and presence into hospitals is of the the utmost importance in the evolution into a more patient centred system. This care addresses underlying issues and fear that can be associated with our healthcare system.

Sheldon Feldman, MD with Luana DeAngelis Reiki Master in the operating room
Professional energy with Luana

“I have to tell you that I did not take ONE single dose of pain medicine after my mastectomy and venous bypass. I have recovered miraculously. I can only attribute that to you and the Reiki you provided, as I had a knee surgery in the past and needed pain pills for months! Thank you for the incredible work”

–anonymous cancer client

End of Life:

Bedside Vigils

Luana provides a spiritual presence at

bedside of those transitioning for the dying

and the family. Utilizing years of contemplative

experience coupled with sound & energy to 

facilitate the most ease at difficult times.


End of life care with Reiki
Experienced in living with dying
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