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As a healing artist, Luana takes a multidisciplinary approach that employs the use of various modalities that compliment each other. The modalities of Reiki, sound, theta healing + essential oils ensures an immersive & deep healing experience.

Sound/Energy Alchemy is a way of explaining the intuitive combining of sound + energy to alchemize the matter in the human form.


Utilizing frequency modulation in the body through Reiki, sound, and other vibratory methods, provides a unique connection to healing states. Entraining brainwaves and combining the most effective methods result in clients who are more ready to reprogram to positive habits. 


Sound in groups or privately is just one method in a range of healthful services that can dramatically improve a wide range of health concerns.



Using a lock & key approach to health & self healing to methodically meet you where you are, guiding you to your highest potential with channeled methods. Gently we uncover your hidden truths illuminating radiant wholeness.

In your session, you may experience some of the following modalities:

  • Reiki

  • Theta Entrainment / Impediment Removal

  • HeartMath Coaching

  • Therapeutic Aromatherapy Oils, Young Living

  • Sound / Vibrational Frequency Modulation (Gong, Tuning Forks & Singing Bowls, Vocalization)

  • BioMat Far Infrared Sauna & PEMF Mat

  • Nutritional & Personal Life Coach

  • Applied Kinesiology (muscle testing)

  • Guided Imagery Meditation

  • Movement: Yoga, Qi Gong, Kung Fu

  • Breath work

  • Tapping / EFT

  • Contemplative Care / Spiritual Procession

  • Surgical Reiki

  • End of Life & Bedside Care

  • Space Clearing

  • Protection / Strengthening Life Force

Her most unique gift is thousands of hours of experience. Using intuition she provides what is needed most in a way that makes you feel safe & supported to take your next step.  


"What was said to the rose that made it open, was said to me here in my chest."  


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