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Reiki I Weekend! Chelsea NYC

June 22nd & 23rd 9:30-6:PM

$369. ($100 secures your space)

Unleash Your Healing Powers with Reiki Master, Luana DeAngelis! Join us for a mind-blowing workshop that will transform your life as you tap into the ancient art of Reiki therapy. Discover how to channel life force energy to unlock your body's natural healing abilities. Learn how to use it on plants, animals, and those around you in this introductory course. With four Reiki attunements, you will experience a surge of healing energy. After the course, this will flow through your hands for life! It only takes a weekend to create a powerful connection to a new reality. Don't miss out on this life-changing opportunity - sign up now and start your journey towards a more expansive and harmonious existence.

Reiki I course will change your life

Luana's personalized training guarantees each student will receive FOUR full personal Reiki I attunements & extensive training to use Reiki with full treatment protocols on yourself and others. You will receive all the Reiki notebook materials for Level I. Certification upon completion. Reiki I students who are chosen to attend Luana's Reiki I trainings are two solid training days to give clarity.


  • What is Reiki?

  • History of Reiki

  • The Five Reiki Principles

  • Explanation of the Reiki Attunements

  • What Makes Reiki Different

  • Self-Reiki – hand positions

  • Human Energy Quantum Physics

  • Chakra or Energy Center System

  • Energy Flow Dynamics

  • Reiki Treatment Protocols

  • Self-Care & Protection for everyday use

  • Evidence-Based Reiki Research

  • Use of Reiki in Healthcare & Hospitals

  • Reiki with clients, pets, plants

  • Chair Reiki

Contact Luana for more information. Phone is best.itle

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