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Reiki II Weekend! Chelsea NYC

July 20 & 21st • 9:30am-6:00pm

Cost: $639 / Deposit $200 by July 20th

Enrollment limited to 12 don't miss out! 

Reiki Level II brings you to deeper level of experiencing energy. You will receive private Level II Attunements' that open up a much more intense energy flow & a more profound level of consciousness. You will move from physical to subtler energy awareness. After Reiki Level II you will be in a position to perform a full Reiki session on a person who is not physically present.

IN ADVANCED REIKI LEVEL II Training you will learn......

➢ The Reiki Symbols how to draw them

➢ How to use symbols to send Reiki, long-distance through time and space for others and for yourself

➢ How Reiki works & why - the meaning of the Reiki Symbols

➢ How to feel your own personal energy field and how to connect to the energy fields of others through the assistance of the Reiki Symbols

➢ How to engage mind and soul to increase your healing powers through time and space

➢ To deepen your intuition, self-awareness & attain the ability to work on the emotional body

➢ To use the Reiki Symbols to deepen your Self-Reiki practice

➢ To use the Reiki Symbols to ground, clear & protect yourself 

This course requires REIKI I + experience hours + an interview with Luana

If you sign up please contact the teacher for the interview & address.

Reiki heals. The touch of wisdom.

“Energy is EVERYTHING. In just one wave of quantum energy there is the power of an atom bomb. Harness that energy, then use it to create, for yourself & others." 

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