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Blood, Sweat & Tears? Sweat Equity; A quiet revolution is here.

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

Let’s explore the historical saying “Blood, toil, tears and sweat”, which has been shortened to “Blood, sweat and tears”. This ‘Churchillism’ attitude came into fashion post industrialism nearly a century ago. Touted by the men in charge to illustrate how to make things happen with an advantageous outcome.

This term “sweat, equity” was previously about our personal value in working hard everyday. It is clear this masculine sweat and toil attitude hasn’t worked long-term for a happy, clean and balanced world. Our prior narrative believed that we have to forcefully act, working sweating, bleeding for survival of the fittest in this material world. We now choose to enjoy life. Changing our perception and redefining success and sweat equity. This is a quiet revolution. One where we say NO MORE toil there is a way to prosper and create after destruction. Acknowledging that a systemic restructuring is at hand, because after Covid everything has changed.

You Are Limitless
You Are Limitless

We now know who we are. We know that working only in physical, aggressive, fast-paced, visible, matter we are forcing the outcome and many times looking only at the short-term or what we can see with our eyes. This short-sightedness is effectively killing ourselves and our planet. We are putting this in our past because it is the opposite of healthy. We reject this method in the new Renaissance because even when results happen in this way, it’s often a trade off; depleting our personal life and our environment, in lieu of a man made monetary, and temporary gain, that benefits a small percentage of the overall population. Sacrificing happiness. Material progress that is literally coming out of our hide. Now we can move into the non-physical quantum model in our lives and move mountains with ease!

For example, placing our visual focus on material (what is tangible) only, we build in three dimensions. In this way we must sweat it out and go deep to the step-by-step of doing with physical energy only. That’s needed to get it done, and that’s good, but during and after, often we feel depleted, dense, tight and even sick. Finding balance using sweat-equity we can negate forceful energy. Internal work using frequency with imagination to fulfill obligations. Equal parts sweat (doing) and meditation (being). So that we can expand not contract. It is not necessary for everyday life to squeeze out the space that is needed for a healthful population. So we no longer need to spend a quantity of time and energy to relieve (or escape) physical or emotional pain. Because often the physical pain is just a symptom of the energetic pain that we’re putting ourselves in.

Quantum physics illustrates that in order for vibrations (waves) to turn into particles (matter), human intention or attention is required. For particles to spin favorably on your behalf, loving intention and focus on empty space is where creation lies. This is where illness or health is made manifest. Frequency matters. Are we easily able to spend time and energy practicing or doing things that give us the feeling of joy? Or are our thoughts and energy the opposite? Some can and some are in a position of lack. If we do not fix this our system will collapse. Having limited financial means has limited many from expanding consciousness. We are addressing this injustice.

Science shows that frequency creates or destroys matter. This is hard science, yet even nearly a century after Einstein the quantum model has not been implemented in our antiquated systemic structure, it’s still a ‘theory’. Command that we step into the possibilities and upgrade our operating system for the purposes of healing ourselves and through that, everything. In order to reform our crumbling system and live a fulfilled happy life we must first process all that is piled on us and balance monetary needs without feeling enslaved. Many have decided to not accept the strain of the piled on tasks and do what is in front of us, and only what can be accomplished in a manageable work week.

We can quietly quit and stop over giving. No more falling into bed exhausted and stressed out, a list of to do’s displacing our dreams. Sleeping is the most natural healing state for our mind and bodies. Yet, 1 in 3 adults do not get enough sleep and frequently ingest a sleeping aid. Life makes drugs needed to respond to life! This is a real indication of the imbalance of the masculine / feminine energy. When our life force is depleted, balance is lost. Working long and hard —pushing and pulling in three dimensions is the old paradigm. Hence, creating becomes dense, slow and dark.

Quantum creating is the next step in our re-evolution. It’s the ability to KNOW it’s all working out and EASING into the reality that everything you’ve wanted is already here. Your energy *thoughts are creating it. Implementing this vibration into everyday will give us more traction in three dimensions and help us find that in-between space of doing with the left-brained, while maintaining the emotional frequency of resonance. In these states, the emotions are aligned with the physical presence of the divine mover.

By choosing equal balance of physical tasks that must be completed, with the open space for re-creating homeostasis we find free time which allows for joyful productivity and the ability to process our work to maintain mental coherence. Addressing mental stability support a more equitable system. Equal parts of doing and being. Space for renewal and regeneration is right action. This allows the daily ‘grind’ to transform into the daily ‘mind’ with enhanced mood and productivity in all areas.

Non-toxic, empowering techniques help us ‘level up’ our energy and hence our world. Easy, affordable methods such as tapping (EFT), acupuncture, QiGong and massage help dissolve physical impediments. Then we feel safe to address flow in the mind/body. Transitioning into the non-physical, subtle powerful means of enhancing the energetic footprint by employing methods like Reiki, meditation, therapeutic sound, visualization. Connecting completely to earth and then heaven with high frequency, is turning the key for your fully empowered life. Strategically implement a plan for thriving helps us all, because we are all interconnected in this game of life.

For those serious up levelers, try Vipassana Meditation and catapult your path forward at a free/donation based 10 day retreat. Speak to that part of yourself that is dis-inclined to spend weeks in silence meditating. Engage with that trepidation. Doing the internal work is more important than anything physical. As we are creating a new earth, let’s be fearless! Is it so terrifying to simply be in SILENCE, disconnected from important devices and social media? Where is the edge?

If we want a truly profound experience of life we must be willing to go to the edges. We are done living in the mundane, focusing purely on what has already manifested into matter. Because physical matter comprises only 2-4% of what is available around us. We know that ‘real’ is not only what is ‘seen’. This is why many are feeling so lost. Craving something that they can’t touch or see, and it’s all waiting in the empty space. This is what happened to many folks during and after the quiet of the pandemic. We found a new more expansive way of living. One where we’re not commuting for hours each day and we have open space to do something else. Some minds went dark. In the great ‘time out’ we learned that maybe our way of life isn’t what brings us joy. Perhaps joy is as important as finance, maybe even more important? We can continue to color outside the lines if that is our desire, we can command it now.

Will we create and not destroy, on behalf of the generations to come? There is no choice now, and it will take a focused enhancement of physical and non-physical frequencies. We are here in the realm of the material stuff and we know that material stuff can’t make us truly happy. It’s all made up. Now is the time to upgrade your OS with life-affirming focus on the wish fulfilled for yourselves and for all. Holding that vision locked down as your internal reality, creates that outcome. Positive consistent emoting to relinquish any emotion, through or speech that is not ‘love or above’

In order to compose the symphony of health on our bodies and our system at-large we can choose consciously to create positive ongoing life-affirming interactions with our environment. We’ve built a process for doing this into the model @YouCanThrive so you can power your own transformation. Together we will do this, through steadfast implementation and the true knowingness of our interconnection with the Unified Field that is all knowing and all powerful.

Let’s face it, we all want a pleasant life experience, working together in our small corner of the universe we will find our way there. In health, I welcome your feedback!

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