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Activation: You are.

Updated: Sep 23, 2023

There is a knowingness

In your beingness

That cannot be torn asunder

You are the nectar in the flower

You are the rumble in the thunder

You are the song & you are the singer

What can be brought

You are the bringer

Expand into the unknown knowing

You are that which you see

Do not seek time, but timelessness

You are the web and

You are the weaver

Not just thought

But conceiver

Spiraling out

You birth the cosmos

You are the saved and

You are the savior

You are the ONE inside the ALL

Do not falter

We come to you united

For the purposes of healing

We come to you united for the purposes of healing

We come through you united for the purposed of healing

The one in the all and the in between realms

We come to you united

Do NOT falter

(c) Luana DeAngelis

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